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Main scenic spots

OCT EAST Covering 9 square kilometers, OCT East was built by Overseas Chinese Town Group with an investment of 3.5 billion yuan. It was named a national ecological tourism zone by the National Tourism Administration and Ministry of Environmental Protection. There are two theme parks, two golf courses, three towns, four hotels and a temple.

WINDOW OF THE WORLD Window of the World is a must-see attraction that displays the essence of thousand-year-old human civilizations and worldwide cultures.

HAPPY VALLEY Happy Valley is one of the best theme parks in China and a modern, entertaining attraction for all ages.

SHENZHEN SAFARI PARK Shenzhen Safari Park is China's first zoo that lets animals live in natural habitats. There are nearly 10,000 wild animals of more than 300 species, most of which are rare and protected species, including eight tigons and ligers.

XIAOMEISHA SEA WORLD Covering 100,000 square meters, Xiaomeisha Sea World is located on the city's eastern coast. It features undersea performances and maritime culture.

OCT BAY Located among OCT's theme parks and along Nanshan's Binhai Boulevard, OCT Bay is a newly built cluster for business and leisure. It gathers shops, restaurants, leisure centers, hotels, offices and apartments, creating a new getaway for citizens to enjoy the city life while appreciating natural views.

MANGROVE NATURE RESERVE Located on Shenzhen Bay, Mangrove Nature Reserve is the smallest national-level nature reserve in the country. It's been labeled an internationally protected place by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources.

MISSION HILLS GOLF CLUB Mission Hills Golf Club is the only Asian club recognized by both the PGA and TPC. Covering 20 square kilometers in Shenzhen and Dongguan, Mission Hills Golf Club is China's largest and most well-equipped golf resort.

SHENZHEN MUSEUM Shenzhen Museum is a multifunctional museum featuring ancient collections, research, education and archaeology. It displays historic relics, crafts and folk products of south Guangdong.

GREEN PORCELAIN MUSEUM As China's biggest privately owned green porcelain museum, it is located in Luohu District and houses more than 2,000 pieces from the Shang to Qing Dynasty, fully presenting ancient China's porcelain history.

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