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Cultural Innovation


Shenzhen has set its sights on promoting cultural innovation and the development of cultural industries. The city has been crowned National Civilized City for five consecutive years. In 2017, Shenzhen rolled out the first City Culture Menu. The Shekou Museum of Reform and Opening and the Sea World Culture and Arts Center were opened in 2017. The city also hosted a series of events, such as the first Belt & Road Shenzhen International Music Festival, Shenzhen International Marathon, Shenzhen (International) Science Film Week, Shenzhen Fashion Week, Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture, the finals of the first Cross-Strait Student Baseball League and the China Cup International Regatta, and helped the national women's ice hockey club settle in the city. Original songs composed in Shenzhen, including "Yearning," "Patriotic Love" and a broadcasting play named "Luohu Bridge," were awarded national prizes. Shenzhen athletes won eight golds, nine silvers and 11 bronzes at the 13th National Games. In addition, themed cultural activities were held for citizens every month. The transaction volume of the 13th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair increased 10.3 % over the previous session. The added value produced by the cultural and creative industries grew by 11%. In 2017, Shenzhen hosted the first Shenzhen Design Week and launched Shenzhen Global Design Award. Shenzhen enterprises won a total of 227 awards in the Red Dot Design Award and iF Design Award, ranking first in the country. In 2017, the city's first sightseeing cruise line had its trial operation. Dapeng New Area was rated as a State-level pioneer area of tourism reform and innovation.

Industrial Bases

With 48 cultural and creative industrial parks and 20 cultural and creative industrial bases, Shenzhen has formed a clustered cultural and creative industry. There are 13 State-level model bases for the cultural industry, covering areas including creative design, cultural software, animation and games, new media, cultural information services, intangible cultural heritage, high-end arts and crafts, digital publishing, cultural tourism, high-end printing, and industrial education and training.

Sectors with a Competitive Edge

Shenzhen is where China's modern graphic design industry was born. Local industrial design and indoor design take a large percentage of the national market. Animation and gaming industries, cultural software services, Internet information services, digital TV and digital audio industries have gained momentum in growth. Shenzhen is home to China's largest high-end printing industry, taking 60% of the national market.


Cosponsored by the Guangdong Provincial Government, Shenzhen Municipal Government and State institutions, the annual China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair (ICIF) is certified by the UFI. The only State-level cultural expo in China, it is held in Shenzhen each May.

City of Design

Shenzhen was accepted as a member of the Creative Cities Network by UNESCO on November 19, 2008, and named a UNESCO City of Design, becoming the first Chinese city to win the honor. It was the sixth city in the world to earn the title. In recent years, Shenzhen designers have enhanced communication and cooperation with foreign designers. In the past years, Shenshen design  appeared for over 10 times at various international design events and became a new emerging force in the international design arena.

Shenzhen Design Week

The Shenzhen Design Week is a grand international design event, which is hosted by the Shenzhen Municipal Government, organized by the Publicity Department of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the CPC and Shenzhen City of Design Promotion Office, and supported by UNESCO Creative Cities Network and the city's various design associations, institutions, colleges and district governments.

It kicks off each spring with the slogan of "Design Creates Future," aiming to reflect the city's attitude towards design.

The first Shenzhen Design Week was held from April 21 to 28, 2017. Themed "Design for the Future," a series of events were held in all districts in Shenzhen. Highlighted events included exhibitions, design fairs and design tours.

Cultural Assets and Equity Exchange

Shenzhen Culture Assets and Equity Exchange was established in 2009. The Chinese Cultural Industry Investment Fund has Shenzhen as its second-largest shareholder. Shenzhen has become one of the most important centers for the exchange of culture assets and equity exchange as well as investment and financing services in China.

International Cultural Trade Base

In December 2013, Shenzhen Creative Information Hub built the national International Cultural Trade Base and made it the third base that was granted by the Ministry of Culture after Beijing and Shanghai and the first of its kind in South China. The base will utilize State preferential policies, international trade channels and international communication platforms to create a cultural trade service chain highly integrated with cultural and creative industries.

Dafen Oil Painting Village

Located in Buji Subdistrict, Longgang District, the 4-square-kilometer village is the world's largest mass producer of oil paintings, essentially an art factory. Originally conceived by Hong Kong businessman Huang Jiang, who began production with a dozen artists in 1989, the village has grown in leaps and bounds over the past 20 years. About 15,000 artists and craftsmen work in more than 40 factories and 800 studios and workshops.

Guanlan Printmaking Base

Located in Bao'an District, the base perfectly combines modern printmaking with traditional Hakka buildings. It has become a State-level model base with a sound environment and good economic returns.

City of Libraries

The Shenzhen government began to implement its strategy of building a city of libraries in 2003. Since then, a pioneer library network with rich resources, modern facilities and convenient services has taken shape and expanded. There are 638 public libraries, including three city-level libraries, eight district-level libraries and 627 branches of city- and district-level libraries and community reading rooms. There also are 300 self-service book-lending machines offering 24-hour service on city streets. As the center of library materials collection and utilization and of information resources development in the city, Shenzhen Library holds more than 9.46 million volumes of books and periodicals. It serves 13,000 readers daily and lends 4.46 million books each year. The library is open to the public and free of charge. The first of their kind in China, Shenzhen's 24-hour self-service book-lending machines are scattered around the city in large housing developments, industrial and high-tech parks, public cultural venues, office buildings, transportation hubs and Metro stations. The service mode won the third Ministry of Culture Innovative Awards.

Museums, Art Galleries and Entertainment Venues

Museums There are 46 museums (including memorial halls) around the city, housing more than 60,000 cultural relics. The Shenzhen Museum broke ground in February 1984, opened in November 1988 and now houses more than 35,000 pieces. The New Shenzhen Museum, the country's first museum featuring the history of reform and opening up, opened on December 25, 2008, in the east wing of the Civic Center. With a floor space of more than 30,000 square meters, the new museum also displays examples of ancient local relics and folk customs.

Art Galleries There are 29 public art galleries in the city. With a total floor space of 50,000 square meters, the art galleries presented 330 exhibitions in 2016 and received more than 3 million visitors.

Theaters There are 20 theaters for performing arts in the city, covering more than 200,000 square meters of floor space and offering a total capacity of 30,000 seats.

Cultural Halls There are 71 cultural halls throughout the city, occupying more than 300,000 square meters.

Cultural Activities

Shenzhen City Culture Menu As one of the key projects in the Shenzhen Cultural Innovative Development 2020 Plan, it includes the year-round representative cultural events in Shenzhen and displays the cultural achievements made by the city. It is the epitome of the efforts the city has made to build a modern and international innovation-oriented city and a global science and technology innovation center. The menu includes 28 key cultural events. Citizens can discover various events for each month of the year.

Reading Month The Shenzhen Municipal Government has designated every November as Reading Month, a cultural extravaganza. It's the longest reading-themed festival in the world.

Creative December Creative December has been held every December since 2005 with the joint effort of the Publicity Department of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sport and Tourism, Shenzhen Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the City of Design Promotion Office of Shenzhen. More than 100 events related to design, arts and culture, and architecture are held in forms of exhibitions, lectures, competitions and performances within the month.

Shenzhen Belt & Road International Music Festival It was hosted by the Shenzhen Municipal Government and China Musicians Association, and organized by Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sport and Tourism and Shenzhen International Culture Association. Themed "Connecting China and Overseas, Communicating with the World," the festival aims to enhance communication among different cultures and music circles.

From March 25 to April 16, 2017, the second music festival was held. Over 700 world-renowned musicians from 40 countries and regions presented 18 performances to Shenzhen citizens.

Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture This event is sponsored by the Shenzhen Municipal Government and organized by the Shenzhen Public Art Center. It is an interactive cultural event between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, the only international biennale that concerns on urbanism and urbanization in the world.

Shenzhen Opera Master Performance Project Organized by Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sport and Tourism since 2013, the project brings a wealth of authentic Chinese opera plays to the general public.

Spring Festival Arts Care Project This is a series of free art performances and exhibitions held annually during the Spring Festival to give citizens and migrant workers free access to cultural events. The project is sponsored by the Publicity Department of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee and the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sport and Tourism.

Performance Seasons of Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra The Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra has been staging summer and winter seasons since 1999. The orchestra gives more than 30 concerts every year.

Chinese and Foreign Performance Season Hosted by the Shenzhen Performing Arts Company since 2003, it organizes approximately 20 performances a year.

Grand Theater Art Festival Started in 1992, the festival is the first art festival named after a theater in China. The festival has been held for 19 years.

Art Vista It is a public event that includes art performances and lectures introducing folk music, Western-style music, opera, traditional Chinese literature and arts and is held at Shenzhen Grand Theater at 3 p.m. every Saturday afternoon. The event, sponsored by the Publicity Department of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee, is organized by Shenzhen Grand Theater and Tianli Time International Performance Co.

ICIF Art Festival An important part of China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair, the ICIF festival displays shows by elite artists from home and abroad. The fair also is designed to provide an international platform for original works by Chinese artists and to prosper local literary and artistic creation.

China Shenzhen International Piano Concerto Competition Sponsored by the Shenzhen Municipal Government and organized jointly by Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sport and Tourism and Shenzhen International Culture Association, the competition is the third international piano competition approved by the Chinese Government, after China International Piano Competition and China Shanghai International Piano Competition. The first competition was held in 2006. The competition is held every three years and has become the highest-level international professional art competition since the city was built.

Weekend Guangdong Opera This event invites Guangdong opera artists from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to stage performances for Shenzhen people at Shenzhen Theater at 3 p.m. every Friday afternoon.

Beautiful Sunday Sponsored by the Publicity Department of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee and Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sport and Tourism and hosted by Shenzhen Concert Hall, the Beautiful Sunday project provides free concerts staged at Shenzhen Concert Hall at 3 p.m. every Sunday.

Drama Sunday A cultural event supported by a special fund for Shenzhen's cultural activities, it allows people to attend free lectures on drama and drama performances. A total of 159 lectures and performances have been held since the first event was held in September 2011, attracting more than 60,000 people.

Opera Saturday Sponsored by the Publicity Department of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee and Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sport and Tourism, the Opera Saturday project provide over 30 kinds of opera genres to local residents.

Shenzhen Autumn Community Culture and Art Festival It is an event held every other year since 1992 that highlights music and dance contests, painting and calligraphy exhibitions as well as art performances.

Shenzhen Migrant Workers' Cultural Festival To provide cultural events for migrant workers, the annual monthlong festival was launched in May 2005 and features shows, movies, lectures, exhibitions and sports games, attracting nearly 3 million people annually.

Shenzhen Children's Art Festival The festival started in 1986. It is held every three years and targets children 6 to 16 years old.

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