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Foreign trade


Shenzhen has ranked first among all large and medium-sized Chinese cities in export volume for 24 consecutive years. Of the Fortune Global 500 companies, 197 had branches in the city by the end of 2016.


Total exports and imports reached US$398.44 billion in 2016, comprising 10.8% of the national total. The figure was 41.7% of the total of Guangdong Province. Exports reached US$237.55 billion, comprising 11.3% of the national total and 39.7% of the Guangdong total. Imports reached US$160.89 billion, accounting for 10.1% of the national total and 45.1% of the Guangdong total.


In 2016, a total of 4,132 projects directly invested by foreign enterprises were granted, up 23.01% from a year ago. The contractual use of foreign investment in Shenzhen reached US$52.19 billion, up 103.91% from the previous year and the actual use of foreign investment was US$6.73 billion, up 3.62% from a year ago.


In 2016, local companies actively invested abroad. They set up 755 enterprises and organizations outside the mainland. The agreed investments of Chinese enterprises amounted to US$10.76 billion, down 22.88% from a year ago. Actual direct outbound investment reached US$9.29 billion, up 81.26% from a year ago.

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