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Environmentally friendly economy


With a continuously expanding economy and fast evolving science and technologies, Shenzhen is upgrading its industries to promote an environment-friendly lifestyle and low-carbon growth. The quality, optimally structural and low-energy consuming development mode has become the city's new normal. About half of Shenzhen's total area is within a nature protection zone for suburban parks. Forests cover 41.2% of the city's total land.


Shenzhen, dubbed City of Parks, has a pleasant natural environment. It has 921 parks which cover 196 square kilometers. The urban greenbelt coverage is 45.1%. The per capita green land was 16.45 square meters. Shenzhen has won domestic and international awards and recognitions including Nations in Bloom, UNEP's Global 500 Laureate Roll of Honor, National Hygienic City, National Model City for Environmental Protection, Model City for Protection of the Ozone Layer, National Greenery Model City and National Brilliant Tourism City.


Shenzhen built greenways totaling 2,400 kilometers in length in 2016. The ecological landscape belt which is 475 kilometers long and covers 8,360 hectares was finished. Shenzhen plans to spend 2 billion yuan in total on community park construction and build 300 community parks till 2018, increasing the coverage of park greenbelt service to 95% and the coverage of tree-lined roads to 95.6%.


In 2016, the city's air quality reached Level 2 of the national standards. A total of 354 days were rated as "good" or "basically good." Drinking water quality reached the national standards. Standards were met for 100% of the drinking water in the city's major reservoirs. The non-hazardous treatment rate of urban waste was 100%. Shenzhen has built a comparatively complete system to monitor environmental quality and pollution sources.


Each year, the city organizes various activities with the aim of promoting low-carbon lifestyle. In 2016, events such as Shenzhen Youth Environmental Protection Festival, "65" World Environment Day Promotion Month and Award Ceremony of Constructing Ecological Civilization, Shenzhen Green Action Day, Shenzhen Environmental Protection-themed Poem Reciting Competition and TED-TALK were held to raise the awareness of environment protection.

In 2016, over 20.17 million square meters of environmentally-friendly buildings were completed in Shenzhen, adding up to 53.2 million square meters in total. The number and scale of environmentally-friendly buildings of Shenzhen continues to top the nation's large cities.


In 2016, Shenzhen reduced energy consumption per unit of GDP by 4.1%, achieving the reduction target of 4% set by Guangdong Province. The city has promoted the usage of renewable energy such as solar power and garbage power. The scale of installed capacity of solar photovoltaic projects reached 70 megawatts, making Shenzhen a national leader in the use of renewable energy. A total of 29,000 new energy vehicles were put into use, adding up to 67,000 vehicles. Over 7,000 vehicle charging poles were installed.

By February 20, 2017, the total transaction volume of carbon emission reached 596 million yuan and the transaction was over 18 million tons.

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