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Expats join busker certificate appraisal


German pianist Arne Schmitt (R) attends the busker certificate appraisal Sunday to get a license to perform on the streets of Shenzhen.

BRINGING his own piano to the venue of the 4th Shenzhen Buskers' Dream, which took place over the weekend, German pianist Arne Schmitt attended the busker certificate appraisal to get a license to perform on the streets of Shenzhen, according to the Shenzhen Evening News.

The German pianist was the first artist to perform from the musical instrument team Sunday afternoon. He pushed his piano into the appraisal site and performed a segment from a song among the 10 he applied for license to play through the appraisal.

Schmitt has traveled to over 300 cities in 15 countries with his piano to play as a busker. He heard that Shenzhen was recruiting busker artists while he was in China, so he signed up for the appraisal without a second thought.

The pianist said he is a person with an introverted personality, so playing on the streets is a challenge for him. However, he enjoys the challenge.

"I want to explore the world so I decided to take my piano with me while traveling," said Schmitt. "I also want to spread positive energy, peace and hope to the world with my music."

Like Schmitt, a few expatriate artists also joined this year's appraisal, including guitar player Harris Thomas from international band Simple Things.

A total of 166 groups of artists from places all around China and overseas participated in the weekend appraisal. In particular, 67 groups of artists are already possessors of busker certificates and joined this year's show for review.

A handful of online celebrities and singers from reality TV shows in China were also among the artists in attendance this year.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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