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E-bikes to be banned from Shennan Blvd. section
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2019-08-22

Motorcycles and some types of power-assisted bikes and tricycles will be banned from the section of Shennan Boulevard between Wenjin Road and Xinzhou Flyover starting Sept. 1.

The section will be off limits to motorcycles, e-bikes, pedal-powered and electric tricycles, scooters and other types of power-assisted nonmotorized vehicles, according to Shenzhen police. Police have designated this road section as a demonstration road for strict management. At the intersections along the road, police officers will guide traffic to improve road efficiency, tackle violations and ensure the ban is implemented.

At present, there are 180,000 e-bikes being used in the courier delivery service, which handles about 11 million parcels and packages a day. Some couriers and food deliverymen drive through red lights or in the wrong direction, make illegal u-turns and use motorist lanes as they rush to make deliveries on time. Accidents involving e-bikes have become a prominent problem, according to the police.

In an action Tuesday, Shenzhen police, for the first time, checked random and illegal parking at commercial parking lots and the irregularities of parking lot operators. Nearly 500 parking lots were checked. Some parking lots were punished for failing to update or upload data to police, operating with expired or invalid certificates, or charging parking fees without a license. Some drivers were warned for occupying more than one parking space, occupying firefighting passages, blocking exits or entrances, or blocking other vehicles without leaving a note.

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