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Tradition handicrafts exhibited in SZ
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2019-08-15

The opening ceremony and experiential activities of the Shenzhen Memory Traditional Handicraft Exhibition is being held on the second floor of Shenzhen Library. The exhibition introduces the appearance, characteristics, origins, heritage and development of 20 traditional Shenzhen handicrafts by displaying pictures, articles and physical objects. The exhibition will last through Sept. 8.

Dolls made from cotton by fourth-generation inheritor Luo Xiaolin, a graduate of the department of fine arts at Northwest Minzu University.

A kite made by Yu Hao, a successor of Yu Qingbo, a famous kite-maker.

Handmade rice cakes from Dapeng New Area.

Snuff bottles with inside paintings.

Paper-cut silhouettes.

A porcelain tea set.

Paintings made with wheat straw.

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