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Parks to implement holiday traffic controls
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2020-01-23

Maluan Mountain Country Park and Phoenix Mountain Forest Park will take traffic control measures to ensure the safe and smooth flow of travelers and vehicles during the Spring Festival holiday, reported yesterday.

Located in Shenzhen’s Pingshan District, Maluan Mountain Country Park is the city’s 1st government-approved country park of professional landscape design and boasts the largest waterfall in Shenzhen.

As a proactive countermeasure for the upcoming Spring Festival travel rush, which officially runs from tomorrow to Jan. 30, the park service center has announced the plan to implement traffic controls at the park’s four main entrances, with only emergency and patrol vehicles permitted entrance.

Visitors are advised to park their vehicles in the parking lots near the entrances before walking up the hill, provided vacancies are still available.

It’s been reported that there are currently about 100 and 600 parking spaces near the Biling and Maluan entrances, respectively, whereas the other two entrances are temporarily closed for renovations and only allow pedestrian visitors to enter.

Parking along the main roads outside the park area is strictly prohibited, and traffic police officers will be deployed to guide private vehicles and maintain traffic order.

While Phoenix Mountain Forest Park, which sits in Bao’an District, is another popular site for local citizens due to its strong humanistic atmosphere, traffic control measures are also expected to be implemented during the same period, only with the addition of Feb. 8, Lantern Festival. The estimated number of visitors praying for blessings there over the three days of New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and the following Lantern Festival has well exceeded half a million.

Temporary parking spaces will be provided on some parts of the surrounding main roads to facilitate visitors who choose to drive there, especially at night when public transportation is not available. Relevant departments of the municipal transport bureau have warned against such behaviors as parking at traffic lights and intersections, and they will set up signposts to direct the traffic flow and guide vehicles to park in designated areas.

According to its park service center, the measures will apply not only to vehicles but also visitors. A first-degree control is scheduled for the first three days, beginning with New Year’s Eve, and no more visitors shall be allowed in, unless someone leaves, once the number of people inside the park reaches 20,000. What’s more, during first-degree control, all visitors should follow the designated routes to enter the park.

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