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Facial tech adopted for free Metro rides | 2019-09-20
Shenzhen Metro Group put an intelligent service system into use on Line 11 Friday that allows people above 60 years old, who are eligible for free rides, to board trains via facial recognition.
Elderly care holidays for single child mulled | 2019-09-20
Shenzhen's legislature is considering instituting holidays for the only child of a family to take care of his or her elderly parents, according to a draft that is seeking public opinion.
City boasts world’s largest e-cab fleet | 2019-09-20
Shenzhen now boasts the world’s largest electricity-powered taxi fleet, with 21,689 such vehicles running on the roads.
Platform launched for teen trash classification supervisors | 2019-09-20
A booking platform for volunteer garbage classification supervisors was officially launched at a ceremony held Thursday afternoon at Donghai Experimental Primary School in Futian District, Shenzhen.
Line 5 extension to open Sept. 28 | 2019-09-19
The southward extension of Line 5, the first Metro line to go through Qianhai, will begin service Sept. 28, Shenzhen Metro has confirmed.
Talent scout prize accepting applications | 2019-09-19
Enterprises, institutions, private service organizations, human resource service agencies and units with key talent introduction teams in the city can now apply for this year’s talent scout prize.
Work on SZ-Jiangmen rail to start | 2019-09-19
Work on the Shenzhen-Jiangmen High-speed Rail, part of the Shenzhen-Maoming High-speed Rail, is expected to start before the end of the year.
Running red lights to be linked with creditworthiness | 2019-09-19
Starting Nov. 1, traffic violations, such as running a red light, violating the use of high beam headlights and drunk driving, will be kept on record and underscore people’s credit rating and the ability to purchase homes or even find a job.
Design competition opens for entries | 2019-09-18
The 2019 Championship for Innovative Design was launched at the Shenzhen Industrial Museum in Futian District yesterday, soliciting innovative designs from college students at home and abroad.
Work on new science museum to start | 2019-09-18
The city aims to start work on the new Science and Technology Museum before the end of the year.