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Plan for Metro Phase V construction adjusted
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2019-02-27

The city has adjusted the construction of Metro Line Phase V by adding 87 kilometers involving 13 projects on 11 Metro lines.

The first train to be used on the westward extension of Metro Line 9 arrives in Shenzhen yesterday. The train has a designed speed of 80 kilometers per hour and a capacity for 2,502 passengers. The westward extension is scheduled to begin a trial operation at the end of this year. Photos by Sun Yuchen

The construction projects of the Phase V adjustment plan (2017-2022), which still needs approval by upper-level authorities, include an eastward extension of Line 3, southward extension of the Line 6 spur line, eastward extension of Line 7, eastward extension of Line 8, eastward and southward extensions of Line 10, eastward extension of Line 11, northward extension of Line 12, northward and southward extensions of Line 13, southward extension of Line 14, southward extension of Line 16 and northward extension of Line 20.

The extension lines run 87.1 kilometers and include 53 stations, according to the plan released by Shenzhen’s development and reform commission.

Line 3 will be extended eastward to cover Pingdi and Longgang CBD. It will join Metro Line 3, which links Longgang and Futian.

The Line 6 spur line will be constructed in Phase IV. It will run between Shenzhen and Dongguan. The extension of the spur line will run along Guangming Boulevard and have an interchange station with the northward extension of Line 13 at Guangming Station, which is located at Guangmingcheng High-speed Railway Station. The spur line supports the development of Guangming Feature Town and Fenghuang New Town and promotes integration of Shenzhen and Dongguan.

The eastward extension of Line 10 will link Pinghu, Fenggang in Dongguan and Universiade Town in Longgang, enhancing the connection between Longgang CBD, Pinghu and Banxuegang. The southward extension will extend to Futian Free Trade Zone.

Line 11 will be extended eastward from Futian to Caiwuwei in Luohu. It includes three stations: Gangxiabei Station, Shanghai Hotel Station and Grand Theater Station.

A ceremony is held to celebratr the arrival of the first train to be used on the westward extension of Metro Line 9 in Shenzhen yesterday.