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Second high-speed rail planned to link SZ, GZ | 2019-06-17
A high-speed rail line, the second between Shenzhen and Guangzhou, will be built between the airports of the two cities.
Smart blood donation station opens | 2019-06-17
The city’s first smart blood donation station on the street was opened in Luohu District on Friday, marking the 16th World Blood Donor Day.
Maker week empowers mass innovation | 2019-06-14
Serving as an international display platform for innovation and entrepreneurship with Shenzhen characteristics, the 2019 National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week Shenzhen Venue and Fifth Shenzhen International Maker Week kicked off at Huaqiangbei in Futian District.
Shared bike business stable: report | 2019-06-14
A daily average of 849,000 rides on shared bikes were recorded in the city, down from 5.17 million rides a day at its peak.
City to ban repeated road excavation | 2019-06-13
The city government will establish a long-term management mechanism of road excavation through 14 measures.
Restrictions imposed on dump trucks | 2019-06-13
Dump trucks are required to run on designated lanes, or the lane farthest to the right.
Sino-Russian joint univ. opens campus | 2019-06-13
The campus of Shenzhen MSU-BIT University (SMBU), featuring prominent Russian architecture with a star-capped main building as its landmark, was opened to the public for the first time yesterday, drawing thousands of people from Shenzhen and other cities to take tours.
City launches crackdown on electric bike violations | 2019-06-12
Police launched a 100-day action to curb accidents involving motorcycles and e-bikes yesterday.
Shenzhen to implant microchip in all dogs | 2019-06-12
Shezhen plans to begin implanting microchips into all dogs from the second half of this year to better manage the pets, according to the city’s urban administration and law enforcement bureau recently.
Shenzheners can soon take hi-speed trains to Meizhou | 2019-06-11
Residents in Shenzhen will be able to take high-speed trains to Meizhou in northeastern Guangdong with the opening of Meizhou-Shantou High-speed Railway that is scheduled for the end of September.