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Main roads are getting smarter


A KIND of multifunctional intelligent lamp pole, which integrates Internet access, lighting, video surveillance and emergency calls, will be installed on the city's main roads to help Shenzhen become a smart city, the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported yesterday.

Shenzhen rolled out a three-year plan for the construction of the multifunctional smart poles in June.

Shenzhen will expedite the construction of multifunctional smart poles to form a shared, intensive and efficient system underpinned by Internet of Things (IoT), while also enhancing the level of intelligent monitoring in public safety, urban management, road traffic and ecology.

The multifunctional smart poles are a kind of public infrastructure that integrate wireless communication, information exchange, intelligent lighting, video surveillance, traffic management, environmental monitoring and emergency assistance.

The multifunctional smart pole project is being carried out on Qiaoxiang Road and Qianwan Road, and in central Futian. The city government is planning to launch a competition to solicit design schemes for the smart poles.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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