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Buildings dismantled to protect reservoir


BAO'AN District demolished a total of 117 buildings, including 88 buildings in Jingbei Community and 29 buildings in Mabu Community, in the latest move to protect the Tiegang Reservoir, which provides 1.4 million cubic meters of water a day to local residents.

This was the largest relocation action since the city launched a campaign to protect first-grade water resources, the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported yesterday.

The demolished buildings covering 51,881 square meters were located inside the Tiegang water resources protection area, which ensures 500 million cubic meters of water a year for 6 million residents.

The water resources area covers 301,600 square meters.

For historical reasons, many illegal buildings had been built inside the water protection area, which posed health hazards to the water resources. Bao'an District needs to clear 493 buildings and relocated 4,370 families. A total of 3,113 square meters of buildings will need to be cleared in Bao'an. People living in the Mabu and Jingbei communities have all been relocated and compensated for their relocation.

The district is now building a new residential village that covers 20,000 square meters for the relocated residents. The new village will be put into use within four years.

Nanshan District Government also listed the dismantlement of the buildings inside the Xili Reservoir water protection area as the priority task in 2018. By the end of June, the district had dismantled a total of 31 buildings in Xili Lake Resort, litchi orchards to the west of Qinyuan Road and Xili Orchard. Before the end of the year, the remaining 112 structures inside the water resources protection area will be dismantled.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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