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Half of residents traveling


HALF of the city's residents have planned trips for the coming National Day holiday, with per capita expenditure at 2,644 yuan (US$385) on average, according to a survey by the Shenzhen tourism administration.

The tourism authority randomly surveyed a total of 1,017 residents, 35.4 percent of whom have local hukou. The result showed that 48.2 percent were planning to take holiday trips. Based on the survey, the administration said around 6 million people will leave the city for the holiday, with total expenditure estimated at 15.9 billion yuan.

Short domestic trips to neighboring provinces remain popular. Around 38.2 percent of travelers will leave Guangdong. Regarding overseas trips, 35.3 percent have chosen to travel to Southeast Asian countries.

The survey showed that travelers will average 4.5 days traveling, and one-third of them will leave the city before Sept. 30. The travel peak is expected to arrive Oct. 1, when 33 percent of holidaymakers will leave the city.

The survey showed 70.8 percent of these residents will travel with their families.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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