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Subsidy available for preschool children


PARENTS of children going to kindergartens in Shenzhen are welcome to apply for an annual 1,500-yuan (US$218) subsidy, according to an announcement by the Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau.

To apply, log onto http://ertong.sz.edu.cn, the city's preschool education system, before the Oct. 26 deadline.

The subsidy program covers children born before Aug. 31, 2015, whose parents have Shenzhen hukou or residence cards, or are Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macao residents living in Shenzhen. Children whose parents are high-level professionals or military service persons but don't have Shenzhen hukou can also enjoy the subsidy.

Particularly, 1,300 yuan of the subsidy will be used to pay education fees and the remaining 200 yuan will be used for health checks. 

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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