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Rewards for reporting unlicensed clinics


RESIDENTS are encouraged to report any kind of clue related to illegal clinics, and whistleblowers providing actionable information will receive a reward of between 2,000 yuan (US$291.24) and 100,000 yuan, according to the city's health and family planning commission.

In May, the commission launched a special campaign to crack down on medical fraud and other illegal practices, such as coerced consumption, forced transactions and overcharging, in medical institutions in Shenzhen.

It emphasized that some private medical institutions, especially clinics, were the target of the criminal crackdown.

This March, police in Longhua District successfully busted a criminal group involved in forced transactions. It was reported that a woman surnamed Chen went to a clinic in the district due to physical discomfort.

However, the "medical staff" coerced Chen into paying 8,000 yuan for treatment, which she couldn't afford. As Chen was unable to pay the bill in full, the clinic asked her to borrow money from relatives and friends and detained her in a room.

Chen wanted to leave the next morning, but found that the clinic's door had been locked. She then jumped from the window, resulting in injuries to her head, left hand, left leg and waist.

After receiving the report, Longhua police followed the clues and busted the criminal group. The clinic was suspected of forcing transactions and fraud and the case has been heard by Bao'an District People's Court.

According to the commission, Shenzhen has, in terms of policies, financial subsidies and incentives, been vigorously supportive of the expansion of nongovernmental institutions according to regulations. However, it will not tolerate irregularities that disrupt market order.

The city will, in accordance with the law, strengthen the supervision of the health and family planning system, especially regarding illegal medical institutions, urology departments, gynecology departments and medical cosmetology.

At present, the authority has investigated 573 cases with fines totaling 8.6662 million yuan. Additionally, 29 illegal clinics and outpatient departments in the city have been closed down. Nearly 60 people, including investors, managers, medical staffers and Internet marketers, from five illegal medical institutions have been arrested.

Residents can call 0755-88113947 or send an email to swjwxf@szhfpc.gov.cn to provide clues.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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