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E-fence introduced for app-based bikes


BUJI Subdistrict in Longgang District has piloted electronic fence technology to regulate illegal and random parking.

Riders who park shared bikes in restricted areas will be penalized with additional dispatch fees.

On Sept. 4, a man surnamed Zhang parked an ofo bike on the side of Getang Road after work.

Later, he receive a text massage from the ofo bike operator telling him he would be charged an additional 2 yuan (US$0.29) if he parked a bike in a restricted area for a second time.

According to Buji Subdistrict Office, the law enforcement unit, in cooperation with the ofo bike operator, has been using the electronic fence technology to set up restricted parking areas since August in an effort to regulate random parking.

The restricted parking areas are marked with red lines on the ofo app. If a rider parks a bike in the restricted area, the rider will be required to pay corresponding dispatching fees. For repetitive violations, a rider will have credit points deducted.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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