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City to build world-class coastal belt


IN order to strengthen the comprehensive management of its coastal areas and create a global marine city, Shenzhen is gearing up to promote the construction of a world-class ecological coastal belt, according to a planning for the protection and utilization of Shenzhen's coasts.

According to the planning, the total area of the coastal belt will cover about 859 square kilometers, of which the land area is about 299 square kilometers and the sea area is about 560 square kilometers. The construction will take social, economic and ecological factors into consideration and last from 2018 to 2035, the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported Saturday.

Shenzhen will carry out wetland restoration projects in mangrove wetlands along Shenzhen Waterlands Resort, Xiwan mangrove wetland, Qianhaiwan coastal area and Dapeng Peninsula to prevent invasions of alien species, according to the planning.

Meanwhile, by emphasizing the protection and restoration of the natural shoreline space resources, such as beaches and coastal wetlands, the planning aims to increase the proportion of natural shoreline to the city's total shoreline to 40 percent.

The city will also continue to renovate marine cultural relics and promote the construction of public facilities in the coastal areas.

For example, Shenzhen intends to make full use of historical and marine resources, such as Dapeng Fortress and Gushu Wharf, as well as to protect traditional marine culture by building or renovating old marine culture sites and fishing ports.

Additionally, Shenzhen will open more distinctive coastal greenways and public beaches, and is mulling whether to add artificial beaches to the western section of Shenzhen Bay and the Qianhaiwan area, while moderately developing island tourism and carrying out marine science education.

Shenzhen will also build a seaborne bus system, according to the planning. The five existing passenger wharfs will be rebuilt and expanded for use for the public, and another five new public wharfs will be added to help enhance the accessibility of the public shoreline.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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