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Sexual assault crackdown on Metro hailed


SHENZHEN police recently received an avalanche of likes from netizens for its determination to crack down on sexual harassment and assault at Metro stations, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported Thursday.

The manifesto, which says "You can wear any beautiful dress you want in the world! For those molesters on the Metro, we will deal with them!", was greeted with praise from millions of netizens on social media.

The reassuring words were also backed by actions. Early this year, a plainclothes squad was formed by the public transport sub-bureau of the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau to join the policemen patrolling Metro stations.

During the summer holiday, Shenzhen police have arranged for more policemen to patrol the stations during rush hours and on Metro lines where sexual harassment and assault most frequently occur.

Statistics showed that a total of 29 men suspected of indecent behavior and violating the privacy of others on the Metro were detained by Shenzhen police in a monthlong special action that was initiated June 22, of whom 20 were caught red-handed by the plainclothes squad, four were seized by the public and five were captured through information research and guidance.

The police call on passengers to actively report and stop all kinds of illegal activities on the Metro. When facing such illegal acts as molestation or secret filming, residents are also encouraged to reprimand, seek help and call the police immediately.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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