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Parking lot in housing estate registered under homeowner convention's name


KNOWN for its property management reform and innovation, Jingzhou Building in Futian District became the country's first residential estate to receive a permit for independent parking lot management, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported Monday.

The move means that the parking lot shared by the property owners of the residential estate will be registered under the homeowner convention's name for management and operation.

Zou Jiajian, director of the estate's homeowner committee, said the committee had voted to change the developer's property management company in September 2001 and set a precedent in the country.

By consulting relevant materials, the committee confirmed that the parking lot is excluded from the estate's floor area ratio and is considered a public supporting facility. Moreover, its construction cost had been allocated into the housing price, and the developer's investment payoff period had also ended.

In early 2002, the city's urban planning authority affirmed that the parking lot of the residential estate belongs to the homeowners and the developer finally abandoned the dispute.

However, the homeowners neither obtained the right to manage nor the right to earn profits, even though the committee had successfully reclaimed the parking lot. Instead, it was registered under a third-party property management company, and the homeowners had to pay fees to use their own parking lot.

On June 20, as one of the pilot residential estates in Shenzhen, the homeowner convention of Jingzhou Building obtained a unified social credit code certificate, signifying that the parking lot could finally be registered under the convention's name.

Zou believes that in accordance with the country's real estate registration regulations, as the main body in charge of the common property of the estate, the convention is entitled to register the parking lot under its name to clarify the common property of the residential estate.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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