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1/3 weekend reservations booked


ONE-THIRD of the reservation quota for vehicles traveling to the Dapeng and Meisha areas this weekend were booked by Sunday, according to police.

A total of 16,930 reservations were made, accounting for 33 percent of the quota that police had set for public registration.

Among the vehicles, two-thirds, or 10,724 vehicles, were registered to make trips Saturday, according to a news conference yesterday.

Police also made 173,621 reservations for enterprises, institutions and individuals working or stationed in the Dapeng and Meisha areas. Among them, 126,617 vehicles were registered for the Meisha area.

People planning to drive to Dapeng Peninsula or the Meisha area during weekends in August and the coming National Day holiday are required to register online in advance. Violators will be subject to a fine of 300 yuan (US$44) and have three points added to their licenses if they are caught violating the rule. The rule will take effect Saturday and apply to any passenger vehicle with nine or fewer seats, including cars hailed via ride-sharing apps.

Drivers can register via the police WeChat account, Alipay account, official website or app. The Meisha area covers Dameisha, Xiaomeisha and OCT East, according to police.

Applicants can search for the WeChat ID "szjjwx," or the name 深圳交警, to register their vehicle details and phone numbers. Drivers who have successfully made a reservation will receive a confirmation text message from police.

The reservation system allows 3,000 applicants to make reservations simultaneously.

Guo Xiaomeng, manager of China Ping An Smart City Transport Business Department, which developed the system, said the system is connected with several police service platforms, such as the license plate recognition system and text message system. If the police text message system doesn't work, the system can automatically switch to Ping An's backup text message platform, so drivers don't need to worry about not getting text messages after making reservations.

Through the smart transport system, police can monitor the vehicles traveling to the Dapeng and Meisha areas and make predictions about the amount of vehicles that will be in the two areas in the coming hours.

If the 40,000 vehicle quota for each area has been used up and the traffic conditions are still good, the system can automatically expand the quota.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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