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Village to be turned into seashore tourism town


DAMEISHA Village, located in Yantian District, will undergo a face-lift, initiated by the local authority and real estate company Vanke, to become a seashore tourism town featuring traditional Hakka and fishing cultures, the Shenzhen Evening News reported yesterday.

The coastal village near Dameisha Beach has attracted much public attention since a subvenue exhibition of the latest Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture was set up there to showcase the native culture and history last December, but more concerns have been raised about the village's environment and infrastructure.

A seminar was held recently for deputies of Yantian District People's Congress to discuss an uplift project that aims to turn the urban village into a tourist town.

One of the deputies pointed out at the seminar that Dameisha Village enjoys a long history but lacks proper maintenance for its aged and outdated facilities. He hopes the government will take measures to improve the living environment in the village.

Lu Hao, section chief of the urban management section of Meisha Subdistrict Office, said that the local authority had already started inspecting for problems in the urban village and a more comprehensive renovation project would be initiated in the near future.

It has been reported that the village was also included in a project initiated by Vanke. A total of 290 buildings in the village will be upgraded into long-term rental apartments under a unified management system.

Also, the public space in the village will undergo a face-lift to provide a better environment and new facilities for residents as well as tourists.

The blueprint for Dameisha Village aims to turn the area into a tourist attraction featuring its authentic folk culture and architecture. Some houses and gardens will also be renovated into boutique hotels for the tourism industry.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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