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23 new roads to be built


AS one of the 17 key areas for development in the city, the Baguang area of Shenzhen International BioValley in Dapeng New Area will start the construction of 23 roads this year, the Shenzhen Economic Daily reported Thursday.

According to the new area's transport authorities, Dapeng is stepping up efforts to increase the resources put into highway construction with 102 road projects and a total investment of more than 17.3 billion yuan (US$2.6 billion).

In early 2018, Pingkui Road, the main road of the Kuichong area in Dapeng, was expanded into a two-way road with six lanes. The expansion project has widened four small bridges and added a 780-meter-long tunnel, which greatly decreased a steep incline at the junction between Pingshan District and Dapeng New Area, thus reducing the probability of traffic accidents.

A total of 63 road projects have been completed since the establishment of the new area in 2011, with an investment now totaling 3.116 billion yuan, the authorities said.

In the first five years, 21 new roads were built or renovated, reaching total mileage of 23.62 kilometers, 10 percent more than that of roads at the time the new area was established.

The new area also plans to build more highways by 2020 to strengthen the links between Dapeng and the downtown area, as well as other areas in eastern Shenzhen.

So far, 23 road projects are under construction in the Baguang area. It is expected that 14 of the projects, with an investment of 480 million yuan, will be completed in 2018.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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