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Experts share views on AI technology


ORGANIZED by the Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Industry Association, the first global artificial intelligence (AI) start-up conference (GAISC) was held in Shenzhen from Friday to Saturday, bringing together 35 industry experts and nearly 1,500 attendees to explore topics in the fields of computer vision, education, smart city, robotics, and unmanned driving.

The conference is divided into three sections: an exhibition of AI applications across the country, a sharing session of case analysis and the award ceremony of the 2018 GAISC Awards. There were four forums with 34 speeches.

Dong Zhenjiang, president of the association, said, "At present, the AI industry maintains strong momentum in China. Frontiers of AI research include computer recognition and intelligent customer service, which are expected to have broader applications in fields of industry, education, finance and retail services."

He advised that when starting a business, entrepreneurs should pay more attention to solving problems and providing good products. Meanwhile, they should also be more pragmatic when obtaining financing.

During the conference, corporate executives from local AI enterprises also shared their perspectives on the application of AI technology such as chips, 3-D imaging and speech recognition in business.

Wang Jun, chief solution officer of IntelliFusion, a Shenzhen-based AI company, said that the company has already built a dynamic human image system in Shenzhen, which is the world's largest city-level AI application system. The system was commercialized in 2015 and has helped Shenzhen police crack more than 5,000 cases.

The conference also launched the 2018 GAISC Awards, which is aimed at showing recognition to brands and persons for increasing brand value and promoting the development of AI industry.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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