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Land of SZ Golf Club to be converted into public space


A bird's-eye view of the Shenzhen Golf Club in Futian District.

THE Shenzhen Golf Club in central Futian District will be converted into a public area after the government recovers the land back from the club operator.

The city's urban planning, land and resources commission said Friday that the development of the land that the course occupies will be included into the upcoming plans for the Xiangmihu area. Government agencies are propelling the work of retrieving the land from the golf club forward.

Covering an area of 1.33 square kilometers, the Shenzhen Golf Club is located in the central area of Futian to the south of Shennan Boulevard and is an eight minutes' drive from Huanggang Checkpoint. It was opened in 1985 and has gradually become surrounded by skyscrapers with the city's expansion in the past decades. The operation license expired Feb. 17, 2015.

At the Fourth Session of the Sixth Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the CPPCC in January this year, nine political advisers headed by Chen Zhimin put forward a proposal suggesting the government take back the land the golf course occupies. In a letter responding to Chen's and other political advisers' requests, the land and resources commission has confirmed the recovery of the land is now in progress.

The golf club applied for an extension of the land use right Feb. 6, 2015, but the application wasn't approved. In June 2016, the shareholders of the club applied for compulsory liquidation and Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court had set up a liquidating group to delimit the credit, debt and assets.

In February 2018, the commission issued a notice to order the club to hand back the land. The liquidation group signed the notice. On May 16, the commission organized a coordinated meeting with related agencies over taking back the course land.

The commission is preparing designs for the development of the Xiangmihu area. It will be an ecologically sustainable area featuring international quality and local characteristics that integrate an international exchange convention center, high-end finance, culture creation, business vitality, and neighborhood facilities. The development of the land will be included in the overall plan for the Xiangmihu area.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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