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Multi-type recycling trash bins to replace old ones


Multi-type recycling trash bins seen in Longgang District on Tuesday. Ronny Verdoodt

IN a bid to further the development of waste reduction in Shenzhen, the city government is replacing the duel-type rubbish bin system with new multi-type recycling bins at public venues.

According to the latest government bulletin, the city has rolled out two sets of trial management regulations on the installation of multi-type recycling bins at public places including State-owned working units, schools, airport, Metro stations, train stations, hospitals, public squares and urban roads.

The newly adopted recycling bins include five containers to be used for the disposal of glass, metal, plastic and paper waste as well as other waste including lighting tubes, batteries, bulbs and circline lamps.

According to the rules, each working unit or building must place at least one set of the multi-type recycling trash bins in a convenient location where there's a large amount of foot traffic.

If the working unit is unable to place such bins in an obvious location, clear signs must be attached to walls or billboards to indicate where the new bins are. Bins placed out in the open must be on a flat surface with rain shelters installed overhead.

The old duel-classification bins that accommodated only recyclable and non-recyclable waste shall be removed.

In addition, people responsible for managing the bins must employ cleaners to clean and maintain the integrity of the bins on a daily basis. They must also notify recycling companies to collect and recycle the objects placed in the recycling bins.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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