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Ocean protection promoted


THE 2018 World Ocean Day public benefit event was held yesterday morning at Shenzhen Dameisha Seaside Park and Shenzhen Bay Park Marine Surveillance Square.

To popularize disaster reduction and relief, the fishing moratorium and ocean protection, display boards, brochures, VR experience equipment and related cultural products were showcased at Shenzhen Bay Park Marine Surveillance Square.

The marine-themed VR experience area, which features ocean exploration, marine life, marine pollution, and coral bleaching among other topics, enables the public to gain an immersive and deeper understanding of the ocean.

Citizens who had registered online visited the sea surveillance boats to follow their daily routine. The Shenzhen Municipal Marine Surveillance and Fishery Law Enforcement Administration is responsible for supervising and inspecting the use of the city's ocean areas and activities that affect the marine environment and resources, as well as investigating violations of laws and regulations.

Abandoned fishing nets are the most dangerous type of ocean waste, as they entangle and drown countless seals, sea lions and dolphins every year. Volunteers with Qian'ai Dapeng and volunteers with the Blue Ocean Dive Team were honored at the event as they use their professional diving knowledge and diving skills to clean the sea.

Games for the five senses that integrate listening, touching, watching, sniffing and walking, to teach about marine life, marine trash classification, invasive species, environmental protection, how to draw a blue ocean, and more, allow students to learn about marine and environmental science in an interesting way.

Efforts by the students regarding marine protection and the future of the sea were highlighted at the event. The main stage screened the latest marine environment protection documentaries to raise people's awareness of environmental protection and ecology.

Additionally, an ocean-cleaning activity was held at Shenzhen Dameisha Seaside Park, and the citizens devoted themselves to taking action to protect the ocean environment.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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