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Technology award application starts


SCIENTISTS and researchers working in the city can apply to enter the 2018 Shenzhen Science and Technology Awards online, sources from Shenzhen's science and innovation commission said. The deadline to apply is Aug. 3.

The awards cover seven categories, including mayor's awards, science awards, technology and invention awards, science advancement awards, youth science and technology awards, and patent awards, the commission said.

The winners of the mayor's awards will each get a 3-million-yuan (US$467,700) prize, while the top-prize winners in the science awards, technology and invention awards, and science advancement awards, will get a 1-million-yuan prize. The second-prize winners in these three categories will get 500,000 yuan.

Applicants for the mayor's awards should be leading scientists who have made breakthroughs in science researches or by creating economic and social benefits by applying science and technologies to industries. The candidates should be recommended and nominated by city and district government agencies.

Applicants for the natural science awards should have made major scientific discoveries in basic researches or applied basic researches. The theses and dissertations on the scientific achievements of the applicants should have been published at least two years ago.

The applicants for technology awards should be inventors who have applied science and technologies in making products, techniques and materials. Applicants for science and technology advancement awards should be scientists and researchers who promote science and technologies and have completed major science engineering projects, according to the commission.

The Shenzhen Mayor's Award was instituted in 2004. It is the top science and technology award in the city. So far, 20 people have won the award. They include Zhang Xuebin, former president of Skyworth-GGB Electronics Co. Ltd., Ma Huateng, co-founder of Tencent, Gao Yunfeng, chairman of Shenzhen Han's Laser S&T Co. Ltd., Fan Jianping, president of Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technologies, and Wang Tao, chairman of DJ-Innovations.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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