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Metro QR payment 'requires own code'


METRO riders need to generate their own QR codes to pay their fares, operators have been reminding riders after finding many had mistakenly tried to use other QR codes for the service.

After the launch of the QR payment service May 8, some riders have tried to scan Metro token ticket codes or Shenzhentong barcodes at turnstiles, but of course they failed to gain access.

Shenzhen Metro Group reminds riders that a QR code must be generated on the riders' phones in order to tie their personal information to the Shenzhen Metro app, Shenzhen Metro e-commuting, the mini-app of Tencent Rider Code or SZMTR Live+.

The token ticket code, which can be obtained through the Shenzhen Metro app and Shenzhen Metro e-commuting app, can only be used to purchase tickets online and collect tokens offline. The code can't be scanned at turnstiles.

To avoid confusion, the Metro company has upgraded the interface of the apps so users can choose to purchase tickets online or get a QR code to scan.

"The QR code is an electric ticket for a ride, but it can't be used for the business carriages on Metro Line 11. If a rider wants to use the business carriages, they need to buy a yellow token or use a Shenzhentong card," said an engineer at the ticket center of Shenzhen Metro Operation Headquarters named Zhou Ling.

Metro operators launched the QR payment service on eight Metro lines May 8. The new payment option reduces the length of lines for purchasing tickets and is an added convenience for tourists who don't have Shenzhentong cards.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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