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QR code service for Metro riders


THE Quick Response (QR) code payment service was officially launched on eight Metro lines in Shenzhen yesterday, offering a new option for riders.

Riders can pay their fares by scanning the WeChat QR codes with their mobile phones at the exit turnstiles of Metro stations.

The Metro operators have designated four turnstiles (two at exits and two at entrances) at each station to support the QR code payment service.

At some stations with large passenger flows, such as Chegongmiao, Futian, Laojie and Houhai stations, the operators have set up at least 10 scanning turnstiles to support the service.

Riders will need to download the Shenzhen Metro app, Shenzhen Metro e-commuting, or Tencent mini-app WeChat Transport Code to tie their personal information so they can generate their own ride code before using the service.

Riders can get their codes scanned at the entrance turnstiles and pay their fares when they exit. The fares will be deducted directly from the rider's WeChat accounts.

The scanning service adds to the existing options of purchasing a single-trip token, or using a Shenzhentong card, a daily ticket or a timed ticket.

Riders who pay by phone won't enjoy the fare discounts that Shenzhentong users do.

At a launch ceremony at Futian Station yesterday, Jian Lian, vice manager of Shenzhen Metro Group, said the service is expected to reduce the long lines for buying tickets and add convenience for tourists who don't have Shenzhentong cards. It will be of great convenience for travelers to Shenzhen, as they won't need to feel panicked while waiting in a long line to get a token ticket, especially at Metro stations near railway stations and tourist attractions.

"QR code payment is a timely and convenient service for Shenzhen Metro riders," said Xin Jie, chairman of Shenzhen Metro Group.

Shenzhen Metro Group started applying mobile payment in its ticketing system in 2015.

Internet-based vending machines were put into use at 12 Metro stations by the end of 2016.

In November 2017, bar-code scanning payment was introduced at ticketing machines at stations on Line 4 and Line 9, and was later spread to Line 7, Line 2, Line 5, Line 1 and Line 3.

Shenzhen Metro's daily passenger turnover has reached 5 million, 400,000 of which is from token ticket purchases, official statistics showed.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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