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Light shed on design of SZ Bay base


ELEVEN designers from home and abroad shed light on various design topics regarding the Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base in Nanshan District at a two-day workshop last week, the Shenzhen Evening News reported yesterday.

The workshop was aimed at drawing on the advice of design experts on how to optimize the blueprint for the Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base, bringing the development of the base into a new stage.

The designers discussed design proposals on the traffic systems, underground space, architecture style, a vertical pedestrian system, streets and interface design for the area.

The concept of the Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base was first put forward by the Shenzhen city government back in 2007. The base refers to the area enclosed by Shenwan First Road, Shenwan Fifth Road, Baishi Third Road and Baishi Road in Nanshan District, covering an area of 1.17 million square meters.

According to the city government, the area will be home to a cluster of skyscrapers where large enterprises set up their international headquarters. By developing the area, the government believes the city's image as a global metropolis will be enhanced.

During the workshop, experts suggested that the design plans for the base should take into consideration systems and structures both above and under ground. The style of the buildings may highlight Shenzhen's special regional characteristics, and show a sense of "the future" and "internationalization."

Traditional urban planning and theories might not be suitable for this area, said the experts. The designers suggested focusing on the coastal nature of the base and building structures that can lessen people's distance from nature.

The experts also talked about designs that make public space more friendly to various groups of people by employing design philosophies and technologies such as vertical pedestrian systems, and smart and modern management systems.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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