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1,500 sunflower seedlings planted in downtown area


ORGANIZED by the urban management bureau, around 30 people, including urban management supervisors, residents and volunteers, planted a total of 1,500 sunflower seedlings in front of the Civic Center on Tuesday morning, sznews.com reported.

Located at the south square of the Civic Center, the sunflower garden covers an area of 3,030 square meters and consists of five flower fields connected by curvy paths, forming a beautifully landscaped belt of sunflowers. The garden has received a warm welcome since its opening.

A resident surnamed Song took part in the activity with her child Tuesday. She said the event was very meaningful. It not only enabled children to grow plants on their own, but also helped them understand the hard work behind each beautiful landscape. Song said she hopes the government will organize more such activities.

The sunflower seedlings are American oil sunflowers. The flowers are expected to blossom between April 25 and 30, and will be in full bloom between May 10 and 25.

In order to prolong the flowering period, the sunflower garden has adopted an interplanting pattern. In late April, a second batch of seedlings will be planted, so the whole flowering period of the sunflower garden will be extended to 40-45 days.

"This time we have improved the related facilities of the flower garden, fully considering the needs of residents for appreciating flowers and taking photos," said Song Liping, deputy director of the greening department of the municipal urban management bureau.

According to Song, 20 extra paths have been added for the convenience of residents who want to look at the flowers and take pictures.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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