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City to recruit over 1,000 high-end talents


THE city will introduce over 1,000 top-notch talents from home and abroad to work and settle in Shenzhen this year, the human resources and social welfare bureau said recently at a working conference, the Shenzhen Economic Daily reported.

The upcoming 16th Conference on International Exchange of Professionals and the Second China (Shenzhen) Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition, taking place in mid-April, are regarded as valuable opportunities for Shenzhen to find global talents.

For years, the city has been offering favorable policies to attract talents from around the world. Shenzhen tailored more detailed and multilateral policies on introducing talents in February.

The comprehensive policies not only include methods for attracting talents, such as offering tempting pay and benefits, but also specify measures to provide an encouraging environment.

In 2017 alone, Shenzhen introduced a total of 263,000 talents in all sorts of fields, which was 42.5 percent more than the year before. The number of graduating students deciding to settle in Shenzhen was the highest in the past four years.

There are 29 full-time academicians hired to work in Shenzhen, 12 of whom signed contracts with the city government in 2017, according to data provided by the human resources and social welfare bureau.

In terms of returned overseas Chinese students, around 18,000 newcomers decided to work and live in Shenzhen after obtaining their degrees abroad.

The latest demographic analysis of newly introduced talents shows that the average age of newcomers is 27.07 years old, with 90 percent of them below the age of 35.

Sun Fujin, head of the bureau, said that Shenzhen will further optimize its policies for recruiting high-end talents and the city is targeting top-notch Nobel Prize laureates and nationally famed scientists and academicians as well as young and energetic people to contribute to Shenzhen's fast and high-quality development.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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