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Exits closed for projects


TANGLANG Station on Metro Line 5 has been in operation for nearly seven years. However, according to citizens, the station's exit A has yet to be opened, and exit C is also closed at present, the Shekou News reported yesterday.

On a field visit to the station, a reporter from the news outlet found that both exit A and C are closed at the moment. In response, Shenzhen Metro Group said that exit A will be opened at the end of June 2019, while exit C is expected to be opened in mid-April this year.

Tanglang Station was opened in 2011. According to the official website of Shenzhen Metro Group, the station has exits B, C and D, and exit C is temporarily closed because of a construction project nearby.

As a reserve exit, exit A has not been opened, said a staffer from the Metro group. A property management project is currently under way at the exit.

A citizen surnamed Hou expressed understanding of the closure of exit A, saying that it would not be safe to open the exit right now as construction is under way on the opposite side of the exit, but he hopes that it will be opened as soon as possible for the convenience of citizens.

"I hope exit C will be opened earlier, so I don't have to take a detour to work," said a man surnamed Fu. According to the map, exit C is closer to his company, but now he has to come out of exit D and walk a bit more to get to his company.

"One has to cross the road and wait for traffic lights when they come out of exit D. It's not as safe," said a woman surnamed Liu, who had to meet a client at a company near exit A.

At present, the construction project near exit C has been completed. The exit is expected to be opened in mid-April after the relevant assessment is finished.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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