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1-hour free parking for EVs


ELECTRIC vehicle (EV) owners can enjoy one hour of free parking the first time they park each day at the designated roadside parking spaces, according to a draft released by the Shenzhen Municipal Transport Commission on Monday to seek public suggestions.

The car owner needs to register their car plate number and the last four digits of their car's frame number on the Easy to Park app of the Shenzhen Road Traffic Center.

The public can give suggestions to the Shenzhen Road Traffic Center until April 23.

The Shenzhen transport commission worked out a policy in September 2016, offering one hour of free parking to electric vehicle owners. The draft with detailed guidance will expand the practice and benefit more electric vehicle owners.

According to Shenzhen's new-energy vehicle plan, the number of new-energy vehicles in the city will reach 120,000 by 2020. All public buses and taxis will be electricity-powered and half of the logistics vehicles weighing less than 3 tons will be electricity-powered.

To popularize EVs, the city will build 50,000 charging poles and 13 large comprehensive charging stations by 2020, and some of the charging poles will be built at roadside parking spaces for the convenience of drivers.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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