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2nd SZ-HZ high-speed rail proposed


A SECOND high-speed rail, planned to run almost in parallel with the existing Shenzhen-Hangzhou coastal high-speed rail, should be constructed, eight deputies proposed at the ongoing session of the 13th National People's Congress.

The deputies from Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong provinces suggested that the Central Government include the proposed rail into the revision of the 13th five-year modern, comprehensive transport plan and the country's medium and long-term rail network plan.

In the Guangdong delegation to the National People's Congress, Li Qingquan, president of Shenzhen University, and Liu Ruopeng, president of Kuangchi Institute, endorsed the proposal along with two deputies from Heyuan and Huizhou cities.

The present coastal high-speed railway, which links Shenzhen and Hangzhou via coastal cities like Wenzhou in Zhejiang, Fuzhou, Quanzhou and Xiamen in Fujian and Chaozhou and Shanwei in Guangdong, has stimulated the economy along the rail since the Xiamen-Shenzhen section was put into use in 2013.

"One high-speed rail linking Shenzhen and Hangzhou isn't enough. The Shenzhen-Hangzhou Inland High-Speed Rail will run in parallel at a distance of 200-500 km from the coastal rail, covering northwestern Zhejiang, northern Fujian and northeastern Guangdong, where the economy is underdeveloped and is known for the ecological tourism and revolutionary sites," the proposal said.

Deputies said the plan is feasible, as there are only 170 kilometers left to plan.

According to the proposal, the rail covers a distance of 1,200 kilometers, 300 kilometers shorter than the coastal high-speed rail. Sections of the high-speed rail have already taken shape, so all that is needed is a final push to connect them.

The Zhejiang section of the Hangzhou-Quzhou rail will be completed in 2022. In Fujian, the Wuyishan-Nanping and the Nanping-Sanming-Longyan sections have basically been connected. In Guangdong, the Meizhou-Longchuan section will be completed in 2022 and the Longchuan-Shenzhen section, part of the Ganzhou-Shenzhen High-Speed Rail, is currently under construction.

The only part that remains to be planned and built is the 170-kilometer Jiangshan-Wuyishan section.

Deputies argued it will also relieve the strain on the existing rail between Shenzhen and Hangzhou.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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