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City encourages mechanical parking lots


Cars parked at a multi-level garage in Jingtian, Futian District.

IN a move to save land and solve parking difficulties, the city will offer subsidies to encourage private investment in the construction of multi-level, mechanical parking facilities.

To vitalize more land for parking facilities, the city government won't charge land users additional fees if they build such multi-level parking facilities that do not increase the approved construction space; otherwise additional land prices will be charged to the land users in accordance with related regulations, according to a draft on the construction and operation of mechanical multi-level parking facilities jointly released by the city's transport commission, the development and reform commission and the finance commission.

Operators need to connect the data from their parking facilities with the government's online platform before applying for subsidies. Those who operate the facilities for commercial use must apply for approvals for operating a parking business from the traffic police and market supervision departments.

Those who plan to build underground parking facilities in public areas, such as parks, schools and sports venues, or to renovate or build parking facilities at or near transport terminals and checkpoints must submit an appraisal report or, if the facility has more than 200 parking spaces, a transport impact report for approval.

With the increasing number of vehicles, the city is facing worsening parking difficulties, especially at some old housing estates.

By the end of 2016, the number of vehicles registered in the city had reached 3.18 million, while the number of parking spaces available stood at 1 million. By the end of 2016, 119 multi-level mechanical parking garages had been installed, offering 15,800 parking spaces.

The transport commission will expedite the construction of 20 mechanical parking facilities, add 10,500 roadside parking spaces and complete four parking terminals for buses before the end of the year.

In another development, Yantian District will construct a parking facility for trailer trucks, offering 2,000 parking spaces for container trailers by investing 4.5 billion yuan (US$709 million).

The facility is expected to be the first transport facility integrating parking buildings for trailer containers and comprehensive service.

The facility, which has a floor space of 469,800 square meters, includes two parking buildings and one building for services related to customs and border inspection, automobile businesses and allowing drivers to rest, eat and sleep.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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