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Guangming soliciting designs for forest sports park


GUANGMING is soliciting designs for its forest sports park by offering 2.2 million yuan (US$347,600) in awards to the winners.

The forest sports park is located in the east of Guangming New Area, bordering Gongming Reservoir and Guangmingcheng High-speed Railway Station. It is one of the 12 country parks that the city is planning and a key project of Guangming feature town, which covers an area of 11.4 square kilometers and features urban agriculture, leisure tourism, cultural experience and sports and is backed by the rich natural resources in Guangming.

The feature town has five functional areas, including modern agriculture, a new-generation theme park, an ecology town, a sports park and facilities, which are linked by a south-north greenway.

For the design competition, interested design companies can register before the end of April and four companies will be selected for the contest which will last from May to July.

The sports park area covers 6 square kilometers, accounting for half of the total area of the town.

It has Biyan Reservoir at its core and is surrounded by a litchi forest. The Guangdong No. 5 Provincial Greenway runs through the area and connects the Guangming central district with Xincheng Park in the west.

The Guangming feature town, which was jointly inaugurated by Guangming New Area and OCT last September, is budgeted at 30 billion yuan. The construction of Marathon Mountain and Lake Greenway, a major project of the feature town, started last September. The greenway runs 75.4 kilometers through the Guangming feature town, Guangming Lake and Guangming Forest Park.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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