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City aims to lead China in smart traffic system


SHENZHEN traffic police initiated a smart transport project Thursday to ensure high-definition, intelligent and Internet-accessible monitoring facilities will cover more roads in the city.

In two to three years, the city wants to be a leading city in China with an advanced smart traffic monitoring system, according to a launch ceremony of the project by Shenzhen traffic police bureau Thursday.

The launch of the smart traffic project is to unify the management standard for all of the city's roads through intelligent devices and build a unified platform for traffic control, vehicle flow monitoring, congestion monitoring and traffic guidance.

Under the project, monitoring facilities at both city and district levels will be integrated in order to improve road traffic order and reduce traffic accidents, police said.

The project covers 17 expressways and trunk roads across the city, as well as roads in Bao'an and Longhua districts and Guangming New Area.

A total of 1,022 sets of high-definition monitoring cameras, 301 sets of license plate recognition systems and 101 sets of LCD (liquid crystal display) screens will be installed on roads.

Police will also renovate 300 sets of traffic signal systems, install 300 sets of video and traffic flow detection facilities, and renew 1,186 sets of standard monitoring cameras at road intersections where congestion and accidents often occur.

Police will also use big data technologies, update the data transmission system and build a cloud storage and high-performance computing base to realize the integration and sharing of traffic data. The functions and application of different traffic management platforms in operation, maintenance, information release and comprehensive management will be enhanced and upgraded.

Upon completion, the coverage density of high-definition cameras on expressways and trunk roads will reach 2.4 sets per kilometer. Monitoring blind spots will be eradicated.

With the city's development, the number of vehicles has reached 3.28 million and vehicle density has reached 510 vehicles per kilometer, ranking first among Chinese cities.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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