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River chief service base inaugurated


THE city's first volunteer river chief service base was inaugurated at a volunteer U-station in Luohu District on Monday. The inauguration ceremony was attended by over 150 of the district's volunteers, the Daily Sunshine reported yesterday.

U-station, operated by the Shenzhen Volunteer Association, is a legacy of the Shenzhen Summer Universiade from 2011.

The volunteer river chiefs can learn about the quality of the rivers and educate the public on water conservation and protection. The river chiefs will patrol along the rivers on a regular basis and solicit volunteers to join anti-pollution activities to protect the rivers, according to the Daily Sunshine report.

Luohu District completed 24 water quality improvement missions last year. The district government has built up-to-standard water drainage systems in 1,276 residential estates, and drainage systems that separate rainwater from sewage now cover all residential estates in the district.

The district has also launched potable water upgrade projects in 273 residential estates, providing high-quality drinking water to over 106,900 families.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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