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Govt. urged to expedite relocation of heliport


MANY local lawmakers are urging the city government to expedite the relocation of Nantou Heliport in Nanshan District, as they said the height limit of buildings near the heliport is hindering the district's economic development, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported Monday.

Over 10 lawmakers jointly submitted a proposal about expediting the heliport's relocation during the city's municipal people's congress in January.

The heliport, which was built in 1983, is located near the intersection of Nanhai Boulevard and Beihuan Boulevard. Occupying an area of 24 hectares, the heliport has a 546-meter-long runway with 36 helicopters in service.

As the nearby area of the heliport has developed rapidly over the past few years, the height limit of buildings near the heliport has restricted urban development in Nanshan. The heliport also poses a threat to public safety due to the dense population and closely packed buildings.

The city government made the decision to relocate the heliport to Longhua District in 2012. The new heliport is expected to start service by the end of this year. However, the person in charge of the construction project said the project might not be able to be finished as scheduled.

According to Li Jichao, a lawmaker, the construction scale of Liuxiandong Headquarters Base was cut by 3 million square meters, and the construction scale of the urban renewal project in Baishizhou was reduced by 2 million square meters.

A total of 34 major construction projects in Nanshan District have been affected by the height limit. About 12 million square meters of construction space in Nanshan District couldn't be used for the same reason, according to the report.

"We also hope that the government can introduce temporary rules to solve the height limit problem for the affected projects before the new heliport comes into operation," Li said.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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