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Family Doctor Service rule takes effect


SHENZHEN families who sign up for a family doctor service will receive comprehensive health management from medical teams, be prioritized in getting vaccinations at community clinics and preferences in reservations for treatment at special clinics.

According to the Shenzhen Family Doctor Service Norm, which took effect Thursday, family doctors will provide basic health care and medical services to local residents, and help to transfer patients to bigger hospitals if needed. Families contracted with family doctors will get more services including health management, health education, reservation services, contracted medical treatment transfer services, family hospital bed services and health inquiry services.

The contracted families can address their health issues in disease prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and health promotion through the all-round family doctor service.

At present, the Shenzhen health commission is building a unified online reservation system among all public hospitals, and family doctors will be prioritized in reserving medical specialists and hospital beds at Grade II and Grade III hospitals for transfer treatments for their family patients.

The family doctor teams will also follow up the treatment of patients at hospitals within five days after the patients are transferred.

The norm, a guidance for the family doctor service, requires a family doctor service team to offer at least 10 minutes to diagnose patients.

The family doctor team, which consists of a general practitioner and a community medical care taker, will be organized according to 2+X mode. The X is an option depending on the actual situation. It could be a public health doctor, medicine specialist, clinical pharmacist, health manager, psychological consultant or social worker.

The general practitioner involved in the family doctor service needs to pass an assessment, and the maximum patients each family doctor team can serve is 2,000, according to the rule.

Each community clinic is required to organize at least two family doctor teams.

China is planning to extend family doctor services to the entire population by 2020 and ensure more convenient health services for residents who have signed contracts with family doctors.

Family doctors, including general practitioners registered with grassroots health institutions, qualified doctors at township clinics and village doctors, provide basic medical care and other health services for residents.

China had 210,000 general practitioners by April 2017, according to official statistics.

The country plans to have at least 300,000 general practitioners by 2020 to ensure there are at least two or three competent general practitioners per 10,000 residents.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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