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SZ seeks projects to help alleviate poverty


A CAMPAIGN aiming to identify projects that can help alleviate poverty in migrant Shenzhen residents' hometowns was kicked off recently, the Shenzhen Evening News reported yesterday.

The campaign was jointly launched by the Shenzhen Municipal Care Office, Shenzhen Media Group Foundation and other organizations. The projects sought after are expected to improve development at the initiators' hometowns.

The organizers are going to select 100 projects and raise funds for these feasible projects on the Internet for their implementation.

Experts and people with rich experience in charity and poverty alleviation will be invited to attend seminars with the initiators of the projects. The online application deadline is March 31. Applicants can register and lodge their proposals at the organizers' portals or WeChat accounts.

By launching the campaign, the organizers wish to recruit high-performing talents to make contributions to their hometowns with practical ideas.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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