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Child-friendly city plan unveiled


A THREE-YEAR action plan for making Shenzhen a "child-friendly city" was announced Tuesday, outlining detailed strategies for providing caring, secure and healthy environments for children, the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported.

It has been specified in the plan issued by the Shenzhen Women's Federation that six major targets will be met: enhancing children's safety, expanding space for children, understanding children's real and practical needs, elevating social welfare for children, better promotion of the concept of "being child-friendly," and lastly studying and issuing more public policies for children's interests.

The document points out that it is an urgent need for Shenzhen to explore better policies for becoming a child-friendly city in order to maintain efficient and sustainable policies in the long run.

According to the plan, the authority will improve legal protection over children with relevant work on legislation, threat warning systems and so forth. To provide more child-friendly space, the city eyes constructing more hospitals, libraries, parks and nursing rooms for children.

Children's involvement cannot be overlooked in building a child-friendly city, according to the plan. Therefore, the plan also highlights the importance of conducting research on children's real and practical needs.

In terms of social welfare for children, the plan also outlines specific rules for making sure all children have equal access to health-care services and educational resources. To protect vulnerable children living in complicated or dangerous family situations, the plan also foresees the needs to build safe houses such as "homes of children and women" and "loving mothers' cabinets."

Also, seminars and forums will be held to promote public awareness of protecting children's rights. The authority is also looking to set up big data and evaluation systems to provide more solid scientific support.

The city first announced the goal of becoming a child-friendly city on May 31, 2016, one day before the annual International Children's Day.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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