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EV registration available at postal service outlets


CAR owners or drivers can apply for more than 20 items of vehicle and/or driving-related affairs at 10 Shenzhen Post service branches, in some cases bypassing going to police vehicle registration and administration offices for procedures completely.

According to an agreement signed by Shenzhen traffic police and Shenzhen Post Administration on Wednesday, car owners can apply for the registration of electric vehicles (EV), renewal of driver's and vehicle licenses, vehicle inspection stickers, vehicle license plates and changes of drivers' contact information at these Shenzhen Post branches.

The branches include the Shenzhen Posts on Jianshe and Tianbei roads in Luohu District, Bagualing and Hongli in Futian District, and Nanyou and Shenzhen High-tech Park in Nanshan District.

Employees at the postal service outlets, who have undergone three months of training, will collect the required documents, file the applications and post the documents to the driver's home within three working days.

The cooperation makes full use of the outlets of postal services, saving time for applicants and helping relieve the workload at police vehicle registration offices. The new procedures are expected to expand to 50 postal service outlets within in the year.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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