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Tough measures to ensure travel safety during holiday


A PACKAGE of measures including a three-level response system, cross-city coordination mechanism, daily reporting system and reward mechanism have been adopted for safe travel for the 40-day Spring Festival transport season, which will officially end March 12.

Shenzhen traffic police will conduct harsher inspection of traffic violators and tackle illegal coach services.

Nine inspection stations on expressways and 17 mobile inspection stations, along with 29 patrol teams, have been set up to facilitate selective checks on vehicles leaving the city, entering expressways and passing the Shenzhen-Hong Kong border.

Unified and joint inspections on overloading, speeding, fatigued driving and driving while intoxicated will be launched during the holiday period, according to a report by Shenzhen traffic police yesterday.

Every passenger vehicle with more than seven seats will be subjected to checks at inspection stations, especially at the entrances of highways.

On Sunday, Longgang police caught two illegal long-distance passenger coaches.

The bus company Shenzhen Shenyun Bus Service Co., which operates tourism buses, is not licensed to engage in long-distance passenger services. The 68 buses of the company have been flagged by the police monitoring system, ensuring they will be spotted if they engage in illegal services again. Police also call upon the public to report illegal buses.

For this year's Spring Festival travel season, police have raised the sums of rewards for those who report traffic violations. The reward for whistleblowing is 10 times more than its normal amount. One can receive 500 yuan (US$79.39) for reporting an overloaded coach, and 200 yuan for reporting an overloaded mini-coach. The largest reward is 5,000 yuan.

Residents can dial 110 or 0755-8333-3333, or send text messages to 12110 to report violations.

Since the start of the Spring Festival travel rush Feb. 1, the city has reported two fatal accidents. No heavy congestion has yet been reported on expressways.

It is estimated that around 16.18 million people will be departing from Shenzhen during the Spring Festival holiday, an increase of approximately 5.86 percent over the same period last year.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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