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Rules adopted to support the needy


REGULATIONS on supporting the needy, which are valid for five years, officially took effect Thursday, according to a notice released by the city's civil affairs bureau Wednesday.

The new rules, which target the aged, the disabled and minors under 16 years old, are applicable to Shenzhen residents who are unable to work, and do not have a source of income or support, or whose supporters are incapable of providing for them.

The assistance is aimed at offering basic living expenses, care, disease treatment, housing assistance, educational aid and funeral services to those in need. In order to help cover their basic living needs, grains and oil, non-staple foods, clothing, quilts, other articles for daily use and an allowance will be given to the needy.

In particular, the allowance will be 1.6 times the city's basic living allowance for that year. Those who are unable to take care of themselves will be provided with necessary care in their daily life or in a hospital.

The regulations have specified the objects, standards and means of support as well as the application procedure for the assistance. Eligible residents can go to local subdistrict offices to submit their applications and provide the required documents.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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