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Culture menu released


THE press conference for the 2018 Shenzhen Culture Menu was held at the Civic Center in Futian District on Thursday. A total of 31 events listed on this year's menu were unfolded before citizens.

Compared with the 28 events held last year, this year's menu eliminated four events that had been held every two or three years and added seven new events.

According to Liu Wenbin, head of the Cultural System Reform and Development Office of the Shenzhen Municipal Government, this year's culture menu has four characteristics; first, high standards: most of the events are held and supported by international authorities and professional organizations with global reputations; second, rich content: the menu covers areas in arts and creativity, innovative design, science and technology, and leisure and sports categories, enabling citizens to enjoy cultural activities every month; third, guided by innovation: most of the cultural events are full of the innovative characteristics of Shenzhen; fourth, closer to citizens: all districts and communities are encouraged to motivate citizens to take part in the cultural events.

This year, the Shenzhen Municipal Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau is supporting 17 events, three more than last year. According to Chen Shaohua, deputy head of the municipal culture, sports and tourism bureau, the biggest feature of this year's menu is that, besides introducing competitions like the WTA Shenzhen Open, ATP International Open for Men's Tennis, 2018 ITTF World Tour Platinum, China Open (Shenzhen Station) and the WDC China Open, the other 13 events are authentic Shenzhen events originating from Shenzhen.

Chen recommends the World Drones Tournament, which will be held in September. He said, "The event will be held in Shenzhen for the first time and can fully demonstrate the charm of the city as an international and technologically advanced city. I hope citizens can gain knowledge and have fun at the tournament."

Among events sponsored by the Shenzhen Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Liu Shangjiang, vice director of the federation's research department, pointed out that citywide participation and a live broadcast are some highlights of the International Magic Festival being held in February.

Liu said that approximately 200,000 citizens and 500,000 to 800,000 global viewers will get involved in this activity.

Liu told the media that Shenzhen will make continuous efforts to further promote its image as an international and innovative city with cultural heritage.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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