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Innovation a hot word when SZ's political advisers meet


Yang Rui, a lawmaker and head of a business industry alliance in Luohu District, gives an interview yesterday after registering for the sixth meeting of the Sixth Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress, the city's legislature, which will be held from today through Sunday.

POLITICAL advisers attending the Fourth Session of the Sixth Shenzhen Committee of the CPPCC were encouraged by the blueprint mapped out at the ninth plenary session of the Sixth Shenzhen CPC committee, and innovation once again became a hot word in the panel discussions.

In the report, Shenzhen Party chief Wang Weizhong said Shenzhen will be developed into a modern, international and innovative city by 2020 and a global innovation hub by 2035. The city will have become an innovation-oriented global city with excellent competitiveness and influence by the middle of the century.

"Shenzhen should forge its innovation competitiveness in technology, finance, and especially by taking advantage of the opportunities brought by the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area," said Yu Liang, chairman of Vanke.

The planning and construction of the Greater Bay Area provides unprecedented opportunities for the integrated development of Shenzhen with other cities.

To develop as a city of innovation, Shenzhen shouldn't be confined within its own area, but radiate its leading role by integrating with other cities, drawing on the strong points of those cities while offsetting their weaknesses in innovation, according to Liang Minhua, vice head of the Bao'an District Government.

"Shenzhen should strengthen its cooperation with Hong Kong in the Greater Bay Area planning and create a win-win situation. Hong Kong will be able to upgrade its trade and technology transfers, while Shenzhen will attract more international innovation resources from the world through Hong Kong," suggested Lu Hua, a political adviser.

Shenzhen's technological innovation needs support from finance innovation. Without financial support, Shenzhen's scientific achievements would remain in the laboratory and never be industrialized.

"A fintech ecological circle in the bay area should be established to offer financial support to the innovation-based development of enterprises. On the basis of improving the multi-layer market system, the fintech circle will support the construction and development of new types of research institutes, tech incubators and coordinated innovation platforms for promoting the integration of science, finance, industry and talent," suggested political adviser Huang Li.

"In Shenzhen, many small enterprises have quit expanding, or making technology or facility upgrades due to a shortage of funds. Financial difficulties have bottlenecked the growth of enterprises and the improvement of the business environment. I think the government, within budget permits, could change the subsidies to technology companies into financial guarantees of the nonperforming loans of small- and medium-sized enterprises. In this way, enterprises could get loans for their business operation under the government's assurance," said Li Wei, founder of Green Pine Capital Partners.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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