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Federation to help firms go global


A LEGAL services federation was inaugurated Tuesday, attracting hundreds of lawyers and professionals from Shenzhen, Hong Kong and overseas regions and countries to join as active members.

The Qianhai Belt & Road Legal Services Federation, which was initiated by seven Shenzhen and Hong Kong joint law firms and one famed Guangdong-based law firm, aims to provide legal services in the Chinese language to those enterprises who are prepared to compete or are conducting business overseas.

According to the federation, it will mainly focus on sharing information with and offering help to its members, building up a platform for its members to reach new resources and realize more projects, and providing consultancy by inviting overseas Chinese law practitioners.

The federation will also invite mediators, notaries and colleges to enrich its services, and an online platform is being built for Internet users.

Du Chun, chairman of the federation, said they have tried to attract more people to join and are hoping to make a difference, while companies are getting more connections in countries along the Belt and Road.

"The establishment of the federation is significant," said Robert Lewis, co-founder and chief expert of the China Going Global think tank. "In order to give effective legal advice, it is important for the advisers to understand the Chinese companies and understand the target market's environment. So, this type of federation brings together Chinese lawyers and lawyers from around the world who all speak Chinese. In that way they can communicate effectively."

So far, there are 11 law firms on the mainland that are jointly operated by Shenzhen and Hong Kong lawyers. Among them, seven have settled in Qianhai, where Hong Kong lawyers are allowed to practice, take part in mediation cases and be hired as jurors.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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